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AFA: Wal-mart's on a downward spiral with 'Brokeback' DVD

“It’s quite obvious to anyone who shops at Wal-Mart that they’re no longer the family-friendly company that they used to project in their image. We’ve seen a downward spiral trend by the Wal-Mart Corporation in which they are more and more becoming like the world rather than the family-friendly company we grew up with.”

— Randy Sharp, director of special [homo-obsession] projects, American Family Association

Brokeback Mountain‘s DVD will be sold on the shelves of Wal-mart, and Don Wildmon’s band of bigots are incensed. Whiny babies. The movie, AFA contends is not “family-friendly,” and has no busines being stocked on the shelves where the tender eyes of Middle America might be burned at the site of Jake and Heath on the DVD cover as if they trained their eyes on the burning light of the sun.

An official with a pro-family advocacy group is encouraging concerned Christians to contact Wal-Mart regarding the upcoming home video and DVD release of the movie Brokeback Mountain. He claims the retailer’s plan to distribute the pro-homosexual film is evidence Wal-Mart has strayed from its family-friendly roots.

Wal-Mart stores nationwide will carry the controversial movie when it is released on DVD. In-store posters and billboards are already advertising the upcoming release, scheduled for April 4. The movie, which opened in a limited number of theaters in early December, tells the story of two cowboys who carry on a homosexual relationship while maintaining traditional marriages.

…The pro-family activist contends the giant retailer is abandoning its core principles and moving “further and further away” from its historical family-friendly image. “It’s becoming now more important for Wal-Mart to make money than to serve consumers,” Sharp observes.

And don’t you know it, the old hoary threat card gets tossed out. Does the AFA realize how stupid it looks, bleating and crying wolf every five minutes on anything remotely related to gays?

Believing that turnabout is fair play, Sharp encourages concerned Christians to let their local Wal-Mart managers know how they feel and that they are not pleased over the chain’s decision to promote and carry the pro-homosexual movie.

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