The Looking-Glass War

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Anybody who thinks that an American withdrawal from Iraq will weaken al Qaeda because there will no longer be the “incitement” of the “crusader occupation” is a fool. Victory begets victory, and defeat begets defeat. Whether or not the Iraq invasion has worked out precisely as its supporters had hoped — it obviously has not — it is surely in the interests of all Americans, and indeed all Westerners, that it be perceived as a defeat for al Qaeda. Any American who argues otherwise does so from a narrower agenda, such as the political advancement of Democrats. Any other Westerner who argues otherwise does so from misplaced anti-Americanism. There is no other plausible explanation

To recap: victory begets victory which is not exclusively limited to victory and may also include defeat if you can make it look like victory. And if you point out that the defeat is, in actuality, defeat, and not victory, which it isn’t – you hate America.

Personally I preferred pre-9/11 plausibility when reality was still in vogue.

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