Defending the indefensible. But not America.

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redstate.com hits the jackpot.

Meanwhile fellow redstater Erick-Woods Erickson finally finds something worth fighting for:

But I’ve also discovered something else hard and painful — something I knew but had never experienced before to the extent I am now. That’s seeing a good friend go through a very rough patch. Even harder is seeing people who would rather tread carefully lest allegations be true, than aggressively and zealously defend a friend. I’d rather be right, but I’d rather fully defend than tiptoe.

In fact, in my friend Ben’s current situation, he is right. Were all the allegations of plagiarism true, they’d amount to nothing more than an 18 year old fresh in college being a bit too exuberant.

But that’s the thing. There are rational explanations to each charge made against Ben. He has done nothing wrong. There are those that will stop at nothing to sabotage what should be a really brilliant career for him. They don’t have truth on their side and it sucks to both see that they might be making inroads and it sucks to see that there are those who should be fighting back and defending a friend who sit idly by.

Next to God and family, friendship is of vital importance. Ben is such a great guy. He’s my friend, come hell or high water.

We noticed that when Erick mentioned “God and family, friendship” he skipped over “country”. That probably would have been awkward.

He’s a little thin-skinned too:

Face the facts gentlemen By: synykyl
It was Ben’s own behavior that brought him down, not the supposed incivility of his critics.

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You are not welcome here. By: Erick

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