The bruised honor of Ben Domenech.

A coward.
A liar.
A thief.
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Jesus Christ.

I was joking this morning about everyone getting back to the task at hand of picking on Jeff Goldstein…and then Goldstein had to go and give everyone more ammunition.

Ben, for what ever mistakes he may have made, at least appended his own name to whatever he posted or wrote publicly. Which is more than can be said for the vast number of leftwing bloggers who feel quite at ease attacking people with “impugn”ity from behind their stage names.

Plagiarizing is not a “mistake”. It is stealing someone elses work and passing it off as your own in an effort to move your career forward. That is a hard cold fact. And as a putative “writer”, Goldstein knows that.

As for Bendontworkherenomore, this post is pathetic:

Virtually every other alleged instance of plagiarism that I’ve seen comes from a single semester’s worth of pieces that were printed under my name at my college paper, The Flat Hat, when I was 17

In one instance, I have been accused me of passing off P.J. O’Rourke’s writing as my own in a column for the paper. But the truth is that I had met P.J. at a Republican event and asked his permission to do a college-specific version of his classic piece on partying. He granted permission, the piece was cleared with my editors at the paper, and it ran as inspired by O’Rourke’s original.

My critics have also accused me of plagiarism in multiple movie reviews for the college paper. I once caught an editor at the paper inserting a line from The New Yorker (which I read) into my copy and protested. When that editor was promoted, I resigned. Before that, insertions had been routinely made in my copy, which I did not question. I did not even at that time read the publications from which I am now alleged to have lifted material. When these insertions were made, I assumed, like most disgruntled writers would, that they were unnecessary but legitimate editorial additions

But all these specifics are beside the point. Considering that all of this happened almost eight years ago, and that there are no files or notes that I’ve kept from that brief stint, it is simply my word against the liberal blogosphere on these examples. It becomes a matter of who you believe.

The fact is that Ben Domenech is second-rate. He used other people’s words to make himself look good. He is a coward who let his friends at redstate defend him all this week when he knew he was guilty. Mike Krempasky and Josh Trevino made complete and utter fools of themselves all week long defending their buddy who lacked the balls to call them off.

He has brought shame upon his family, particularly his mother who home-schooled him but apparently forgot to tell him that cut and paste is not an option for writing essays.

He blames his “editors” who also apparently felt his work was so second-rate that (he claims) they had to punch it up with stolen passages from Salon.

Now he wants to be the holy martyr of the conservative movement who was burned at the stake by the pitchforked moonbat mob and so he plays the patriotism card and wraps himself in the flag:

To my friends: thank you for your support. To my enemies: I take enormous solace in the fact that you spent this week bashing me, instead of America.

What a sanctimonius condescending little twerp. You want to honor America and maybe get back a shred of lost honor? Then enlist, you cowardly second-rate fuck.

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