Things you don’t expect to hear at the vet

Not the result of a St. Patrick’s Day surgery ritual Posted by Picasa

“Did you tell him that Beckham turned green?”

The odd little life of this odd little dog just got a little…odder.

Testicles removed? Check.

Sutures on his hip where I had a cyst removed? Check. (you can see the shaved spot in the picture)

Green neck? Sorry. Come again?

As near as anyone can tell, a deadly combination of a green Mexican blanket, the doggy e-collar, and that toxic stew known as basset drool conspired to turn all of the white fur on his neck a lovely shade of Pantone 5773. And it won’t wash out.

Other than that he came home and did the ritual penis sniff with Satchmo, tried to hump Satchmo not realizing that we just took the bullets out of his gun, and now he’s taking a nap.

On my bed.

In other words; life is back to normal.

Except for that weird green thing.

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