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The Right Was Wrong and The Left Was Right

SusanG over at DailyKos wins the “Radical” Russ Nail on the Head award for March. Please go read it all, but here’s the gist:

What I need from the conservatives who were wrong is this:

A statement, a simple statement, that they were wrong and we were right. Period. Not that Bush incompetently executed a terrific idea, but that the idea itself was wrong. Wrong. Wrong. Wrong. Wrong. As wrong as you can get. You simply cannot force democracy on another nation at gunpoint. Period.

And you were wrong because – it pains me to say this – you lost your minds in the aftermath of 9/11.

War critics who did not, in fact, shut off their higher cortex and retreat to the reptilian brain during this period can make it easier for conservatives to admit they wrong – and we need to do this to move this country forward, like it or not – by quit rubbing their faces in it. A horrible thing happened on 9/11. We were shocked as a nation, horrified, terrified, wounded and grieving. It is understandable – completely understandable – that a large portion of this country suddenly was willing to kill people – any people – for any trumped-up reason whatsoever to assuage the bleeding of this national wound. But … being understandable doesn’t make it right. I can understand how a parent reaches a point of slapping a child out of frustration for asking one too many times for a Mr. Goodbar in the check-out line; that doesn’t mean I approve the action or want to see it repeated in the future.

But it was then – right then in the fresh, raw, losing-our-minds stage after 9/11 – that the few outspoken critics should have been most honored, that critical speech should have been most strenuously preserved: saying whoa whoa whoa whoa now here, let’s slow down. Let’s look at the facts. Let’s see if a military solution is going to prevent this kind of thing again – or whether it’s going to further enrage an already clearly enraged group. That was when it was most vital to hear “slow down the juggernaut and let’s examine our options” counsel.

And that’s when we were labeled traitors. Fifth columnists. America haters.

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