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Jesus on the drywall

Blender Joseph Rainmound points (via Pharyngula) the latest Jeezus miracle cure-all appearance, this time in the drywall of an Alabama church. You have to see the WLTX video to get an idea of how unhinged these people are, believing in the healing properties of rubbing a wall crack.

Do you see Jesus on the cross?
Members of the Triumph Learning and Worship Center for Life in Saraland, Alabama, want to share what they’re calling a miracle. The church was flooded by Hurricane Katrina; causing some drywall in the building to buckle into an image that church members believe is an image of Jesus on the cross.

…”Many have been healed,” said Pastor Ella Roberts. “One young man that belonged here was scheduled to go on dialysis. “The next week, he laid his hand there on the wall on the image, went to the doctor and they said they can’t see where, why, how.”

Church members say miracles occur when you touch the wall. “From touching that, my eyesight began to clear up completely,” said Benita Bogan.

Skeptics like James Broughton are not sure what to make of it. He suffers from diabetes and is hoping for a better life. “I heard about it a couple of hours ago,” said Broughton. When he was asked why he came, his response was “I don’t know.”

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