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From the DNC spambot

The ironies of life…within moments of posting the Dem senators take heat in closed-door session with gay leaders entry, “Howard Dean” spammed my inbox with this today:

Dear Pam,

Never before has our party been more organized in advance of an election. With new staff hitting the ground everywhere from Alaska to Arkansas, we are going to fight for every vote in every corner of every state in 2006.

I almost had to pick myself up off of the floor after reading that sentence I highlighted. Anyway, there is going to be a door-hanger campaign, where you do a little Neighbor-to-Neighbor chit chat to build up the base as part of the Dem “50-state strategy.” I didn’t have to read too far before I was hit up for the buxxxx.

We estimate that we need to print 500,000 pieces of literature to cover these events. With the cost of printing, plus the cost of shipping, staff time and logistics to make these events happen, we need an investment of $107,000 by Monday in order to kick-start this program.

Can you contribute something right now to help make this unprecedented program a reality?

Here’s the bold new direction, the strategy that he wants our money for — what folks will be hanging on doorknobs at a cul-de-sac near you.

The floor is now open for comments.

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding