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As of this morning, the fine folks over at Red State Racists were trying to put up a smoke screen around Box Turltle Ben and laughing at the idea that he was Augustine.  Someone at the obviously clued him in that this shit would not float and by afternoon Ben was admitting that he was, in fact, Augustine and apologizing for echoing the deep bigots of the South by calling Coretta Scott King a communist (one wonders if his 24 year-old home schooled ass even knows what that means).

He then claimed that the post he quoted saying that poor black people were a drain on society was, in fact, a Swiftian parody and he should not be held responsible for its content.  Josh Trevino of Red State Racists then sent me an email linking to this post where Ben tries to polish his non-bigot credentials (Trevino also did a drive-by at Gilliards where he posted the same link and called Steve both ignorant and hysterical).  And many of Ben defenders showed up in our comments claiming that I simply did not understand that the post was supposed to be funny.

They were right about one thing.  I did not find this funny at all:

It just happens that killing black babies has the happy result of reducing crime. I do not question the research or logic of Levitt’s argument. If a specifiable group is inordinately responsible for a social problem, it follows that eliminating a large number of people belonging to that group will reduce the problem.

In fact I’ll venture to say that there is absolutely no context in which this would be in any way amusing, but particularly not given Ben’s own frequent race-baiting comments and certainly not at a site like Red State which welcomes and hosts the exceptionally ugly worldview of the entire bigot brigade. 

I’m actually glad this discussion has come up because word has it Karl Rove is switching sail for the 2006 elections.  Not wanting to be answerable to their own bungled national security issues and faced with declining fervor for gay hate, as Pach notes there are rumors he intends to go full-bore on immigration.  Which isn’t to say he actually has any interest in correcting a broken immigration system, it’s just a nice opportunity to make some political hay on the hatred of brown people.

In doing so the airwaves will be filled with people like Ben who point to earnest diatribes  about equality and then engage in dog-whistle racism they claim they shouldn’t be held accountable for.  It’s shamefully dishonest and it remains to be seen whether the will cosign this bullshit.  Jim Brady must know he has a problem on his hands, but according to Ben’s column today he will be opening up comments soon and intends to stick around.

Bigot bigot bigot bigot bigot.  The is hosting a bigot.  It doesn’t matter how many times Ben wants to take away with the left hand what he gives with the right, we know what he is and what he means.  And as the hatred of brown people becomes the new gay, there is going to be a lot more of this disingenuous claptrap passed off by the folks at Red State Racists as someone else’s ideas, or just the views of their readers they are under some obligation to provide a home for.

This from Red State Racists on the heels of Coretta Scott King’s funeral: 

I also think I have a clearer understanding of why the culture of so many black Americans in this country is below what it should be and is capable of being. The prominent black spiritual leaders, like Joseph Lowery, are more interested in subsidization from The ManTM than salvation from the Lord.

Such comments would be deleted by the community at Kos, deleted by me or Redd here, and Jim Brady has said they are not welcome at the  If Red State is not deleting them, they have no right to try and skate out underneath with the "don’t hold us to account for the views of our readership."   They obviously meet the standards of their community.  You can’t have it both ways.

And yet that is what both Ben and the Red State Racists are trying to get away with.  I mean, do they think because they couch it in terms of "be all you can be" we don’t know what they’re trying to say?  Do they think that the African American community of DC is somehow not going to notice they’re being talked down to by some ignorant home schooled cracker because he once wrote a post singing Everyone Is Beautiful?


Hiring Domenech shows how blind the WaPo editors are to their own future. Hiring a white, well, half-Latino racist, to a prominent position in their paper is insane. The WaPo needs to retain the support of the majority black community it serves, not just inside the district, but in the Maryland counties north of the city. As the black professionals leave the District for the safety of Maryland and increasingly Northern Virginia, and as the growing Asian and Latino base joins them, these are the most likely new customers for print subscriptions. What’s more suburban than having home delivery of the newspaper.

But why would they read a paper who hires an open racist?

Ben is an idiot, but this mess is Jim Brady’s creation.  Even Deborah Howell is taking pains to distance the Washington Post itself. This is the auto-respond she is sending out:

The Post didn’t hire Domenech. The website,, and the paper are under different management. He will not write for the Post.
Please send your complaint to

The Executive Editor of the WPNI?  That would be Jim Brady.   They’re dumping this one in his lap, right where it belongs.

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