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Winger bill: no lap dances in Kentucky

The moralists are now entering the strip clubs, attempting to legislate pasties, g-strings and lap dances with SB 250. Really, if you enter one of these establishments, aren’t you paying to see the naughty bits?

Pro-family leaders in Kentucky would like to see this final full week of the state’s legislative session, accomplish the passage of a measure to restrict indecent activity inside strip clubs. Kent Ostrander, president of the Family Foundation of Kentucky, says his and other pro-family groups are encouraging voters to contact legislators this week about pushing SB 250, a bill dubbed the “Public Decency Act,” through the House to become law. The bill has already passed through the state’s Senate.

The legislation does two things, Ostrander explains. “It simply makes sure that every performer in a strip bar must have something on,” he says. “There cannot be total nudity, which is quite common. And number two, that same performer must remain six feet away from the patrons.” Ostrander says supporters have been trying to get such a decency act passed for as many as seven years. The Family Foundation of Kentucky is urging members of the voting public to call 800-372-7181 and leave a message for their state legislators expressing support for this pro-family measure.

I ask you, is there any chance that some of these wingers voting on this bill have patronized these very same titty bars?

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding