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Roy Moore's tiny little brain

Kathy @ Birmingham Blues passes on the latest BS coming out of Mr. Ten Commandments himself, Alabama gubernatorial candidate Roy Moore.

Roy gave a speech at the Blount County Chamber of Commerce, and he proved during the Q&A; that he doesn’t think much about Alabamians and their ability to understand constitutional reform. In fact, he was pretty damn blunt.

A Blount County resident (a senior aged female) asked Mr. Moore about his thoughts on constitutional reform and a people’s convention. Mr. Moore replied by asking the woman if she had read the constitution and all of its amendments. She stated that she had read some, but not all. Mr. Moore then said that he had read the entire document, that it was a good document and the only changes he would support would be to compile the inactive portions into another document.

He then stated that he was opposed to a constitutional convention because special interests controlled Montgomery and would inevitably control a convention. The lady then asked did he not think that Alabamians were smart enough to see through the rhetoric of special interests groups and decide for themselves about a convention and its product. Former Chief Justice Moore quickly, and emphatically shot back, “No. (emphasis added)

As you can imagine, there was a collective gasp in the room and many were left looking at their neighbor trying to figure out if he had just said what everyone had heard him say.

I think Kathy nicely sums it up:

I’m not surprised that Roy thinks the people of Alabama are stupid. After all, a majority of voters elected him Chief Justice, and many of them still send him money to support his crusade to force his version of Christianity on the rest of us. I just hope his statement is widely circulated so those who might consider voting for him will know what he really thinks of them.

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