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Iraq religious death squads targeting gays

Following up on Iraqi Shia leader Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani‘s call to kill gays, Doug Ireland reports in tomorrow’s Gay City News that religious death squads are out in force now, and the horror is unimaginable. (PageOneQ):

“The Badr Corps is committed to the ‘sexual cleansing’ of Iraq,” a 33 year old gay Iraqi exile in London told Ireland. Since the SCIRI’s spiritual leader, the Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistni — the highest Shia religious authority — issued a fatwa ordering gays assassinated in “the worst, most severe way of killing,” the Badr Corps in Iraq has begun to use the Internet to hunt down and kill Iraqi gays.

The murdered Iraqi gays “are usually discovered with their hands bound behind their back, blindfolds over their eyes, and bullet wounds to the back of the head,” Iraqi exile Ali Hili, coordinator for the London-based Abu Nawas Group, an organization of gay Iraqis in exile — tells Ireland. In one case, the article explains, a transsexual was beaten and burned to death in an area of Baghdad.

Hili explains that, “intimidation, beatings, kidnappings and murders of gays have become an almost daily occurrence.â€?

Sadly, none of this is surprising, — do we want to take bets that no stories on this will appear in the MSM? And what about our military presence there — will the violence of this sort be addressed? Don’t hold your breath.

More of the article will be available on Doug Ireland’s blog, DIRELAND.

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