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Freepers take Myers-Briggs, weigh in on End Times

Some enterprising Freepi have been polling the knuckle-draggers, trying to figure out who trolls around in the swamp of Freeperland.

One thread has the results of those who took the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator/Personality Test. A landslide of the participating Freepi fell into type RT (rational), subgroup “Coordinators,” and specifically iNTj, which is labeled “The Masterminds.”

iNTj, by the way, is Introverted iNtuitive Thinking Judging, you can read the description here.

I think I will just leave this one out there for you all to comment on.


Another entertaining bit of research is the Survey of Freeper Views of “How it all Ends” thread. I had to pull a couple of selections here…

Actual Freeper Quotesâ„?

“Cvengr – Pre-trib, pre-mil … I don’t see anything in Scripture that would preempt God in His grace, disciplining a wayward Christian nation to the point of total destruction by fire, if it repeatedly displays it will not return to Him and in so failing is considered in divine perspective as simply being good for nothingness.â€? the US isn’t shown directly in Prophecy as critical to things to come. We have an opportunity to provide a pivot for other believers and nations to return to Him and play important roles as He has planned. Those roles aren’t as dependent upon a brotherhood as much as they are upon our remaining faithful in Him. The demise of the west doesn’t mean the failure of His plan, merely our rejection of Him and consequence of evil.”

“hope – Christ will withdraw His Church (Those who have accepted the gift of salvation through Jesus) prior to the judgment that will come upon the earth which will end the age of grace. After a period of judgment Christ will return with His bride, the church and set up His Kingdom as promised to David that his seed will rule forever and ever, sun up to sun down. After a thousand year reign Satan is released for a final judgment on the earth and then Satan and his minions are cast into the lake of fire forever and ever. Those who have accepted the promise of Gods covenant with His Son, will remain with Him forever and ever with the establishment of a new heaven and earth…”

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