The Borscht Belt Beckons

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The Virgin Ben tries his hand (the non-masturbating one) at humor and irony and sarcasm, and makes Mallard Fillmore look The Daily Show.

…by the way, since we have spent the last two days poring over the youthful indiscretions of Ben Domenech, we should take a fond look back at my favorite Virgin Ben youthful indiscretion:

But the sight of Iranians seeking freedom convinced me that President Bush’s mission to bring democracy to the Middle East could be successful. If Western Europe has its way, this will never happen. France, Germany and their other accommodation-minded cohorts are in the palms of Middle Eastern Islamic dictatorships. For these countries that never experienced the tyranny of Communist rule during the Cold War, the idea of evil is anathema.

Called out on the obvious he did the Shapiro-Two-Step:

Note: After reading the article, you will understand this comment: East Germany was under Communist control, but West Germany was not, and the majority of the German population hails from West Germany. That is why Germany today is so appeasement-minded.

How Harvard landed this prize catch is a mystery…

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