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Well It Has been A Bumpy Ride

We finally seem to have most of the bugs worked out. If anyone notices anything that has slipped past our eyes then please use this as an open thread to report the problems. If it is a layout problem then include what browser you are using and version along with what operating system your computer is and the address of the actual page. Looks like switching back to Haloscan for the commenting was the ticket on fixing most of the problems.

 Thanks everyone for being so patient during this past week.

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Jamie is a former firefighter, who devoted his time to fighting a corrupt city hall. After leaving the firefighting field, he moved into the IT field developing desktop and web applications. He is devoted to progressing the netroots movement through new technologies and actively works on the Wordpress project. He also does work in photographic processing as well as 3D modeling.

Jamie also has a long history in local and state politics. He has worked on campaigns varying from local councilperson to state senate. He has been active at increasing the recognition of local parties and devoted to increasing their effectiveness.