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Shreveport man accused of molesting dog

Yes, it’s the bestiality post of the week. Louisiana gets the honor this time.

After covering lambs, hogs and horses on the run from members of The Base here, it comes down to Little Ricky’s worst nightmare — man on dog. (KTSB has video):

Shreveport Police have arrested a man and charged him with an unusual form of animal cruelty. 56-year old David Powell was taken into custody Friday afternoon at his apartment in downtown Shreveport. Animal control officer Rick Quillen says witnesses say they saw Powell being “unusually affectionate” with a neighbor’s dog and saw pictures on Powell’s computer of him having sex with the animal. Powell was taken to Caddo Correctional Center and booked on one charge of simple animal cruelty. A misdemeanor.

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding