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'A sexual-agenda bomb dressed up as a child-caring Easter egg'

That headline, my friends, is the overheated rhetoric that came out of the mouth of California apesh*t Dobson wannabe Randy Thomasson of Sacramento-based Campaign for Children and Families.

What was he losing his cookies over? Two anti-discrimination bills targeting schools in the state legislature. AFA “news” site AgapePress call them Twin Bills of Destruction that threaten family values. Read the hilarious hellfire…

A California pro-family activists is warning against two education bills in the state legislature that advance a radical pro-homosexual agenda. One of the bills would make school textbooks gender-neutral, while the other threatens schools financially if they choose not to promote homosexuality.

Assembly Bill 606 would allow the state schools chief to defund schools that do not support the homosexual agenda in textbooks, presentations, and instructional materials. The measure also calls for school districts to “establish and publicize an anti-discrimination and anti-harassment policy” that prohibits discrimination and harassment based on specified characteristics, “including, but not limited to, actual or perceived gender identify and sexual orientation.” Introduced by State Assemblymember Lloyd Levine, AB 606 has already passed the California Assembly.

Senate Bill 1437, sponsored by lesbian activist Senator Sheila Kuehl, declares that public school curriculum could not “reflect adversely” on homosexuality, trans-sexuality, or bisexuality. This measure would amend three sections of existing state education code to prohibit instruction, textbooks, or material that reflect “adversely upon persons because of their race or ethnicity, gender, disability, nationality, sexual orientation, or religion.” The bill has yet to receive a hearing.

Thomasson is asking Golden State residents to get on the horn to the Governator to veto both bills if they manage to get to his desk.

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