We Were Soldiers Once…And Young
Okay. We really weren’t.

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Forget what I said two posts down about leaving Jeff Goldstein to the others. Sometimes, when you see a pinata, you just gotta whack it.

As you may or may not know, Jeff is a domestic god which is a roundabout way of saying that he is a stay-at-home dad. Good for him. Nice work if you can get it. Kids are great. Got one myself. But beneath the frilly apron and microwaved bowls of EasyMac and handwashing his wifes delicate underthings lies the heart of a warrior or, if not a warrior, a Victor Davis Hanson wannabe dress-up action figure with the Islamo Deathgrip&#153 and camouflage-painted Ford Escort.

And if not for the sacred bonds behind father and child he would be in Iraq at this very moment unleashing torrents of hot steel, cigar clenched between his teeth, heedless of his own safety, wanting only to save western civilization from Jihadists and maybe also wanting a little R&R with one of Michael Totten’s protest babes.

The one with the big tits.

No, the other one.

I’m sorry. Where was I ? Oh yeah. Iraq…war…fighting…western civilization. Okay. so anyway, Jeff can’t be there and while he could just sit around pounding out long geopolitical narratives designed to rally America to save itself…it’s just not enough. So, through the magic of Pajamline advertising know-how, Jeff is helping to recruit those who will step forward and say, “Yes. Yes, I will fight for freedom and security and a world where children in Colorado won’t have to grow up under Sharia law and you can get cheap DVD’s at Target for $9.99. I will stand for America.”

And here is just such an ad taken from Protein Wisdom tonight:

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Thank you for your service Jeff. Thank you.

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