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As for the press conference….

There are various stages of panic at the White House.

A small slippage in the polls requires a visit to a military base and a speech before a audience with no choice but to cheer.

A medium slippage in the polls requires a “surprise” visit to Iraq by Condi or Rummy (or even the President if there is fake turkey to be served, food service being within his skill set), in much the same way that a sitcom will feature a cameo appearance by an A-list star to temporarily boost the ratings

But the big drop in the polls calls for the man himself to have to condescend to take questions from the press outside of his Bubble of Supremacy or as we like to call todays event: Naked Emperors On Parade.

The fact that he Rove thought a press conference was necessary indicates that the White House knows that they are in trouble.

This makes two wars that they are losing.

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