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Digby wrote an article yesterday that is well worth reading…and reading again…regarding Brit Hume’s hissy fit on Fox News Sunday and its implications about the state of the Republican party.

When one party is as unpopular as the president the the Republicans are now, the public is open to hearing things they haven’t been willing to hear in a long time. Our polarized electorate suddenly isn’t so polarized anymore, even though the gasbags refuse to admit it. For the first time in a long time, some people are willing to give our side a listen. It is vitally important that the Democrats use this opportunity to draw the country back from the hysteria that overtook it after 9/11, an emotional conflagration stoked by an opportunistic administration and a slavering media. That hysteria permitted them to normalize preventive war, torture and kidnapping — and assert a radical, unconstitutional view of the role of the president in our government, none of which the country signed on to because it was all done in secret. This simply has to stop, and people need to start seeing Democrats stand up and declare "enough is enough." There has never been a greater time or a greater hunger for our political leadership to offer a straightforward, principled way back from the feeling that the country is hurtling out of control. The censure motion puts out a marker that the end of this wild ride is almost over.

The fact that the so-called political minds in Washington cannot seem to grasp this basic concept: that the American public gets the whole "it’s illegal" concept. And that all of us also see, in the full glare of the public spotlight, that not one Republican has been able to argue with a straight face that these actions in direct violation of FISA and the 4th Amendment are okey dokey in terms of legality. Hell, Bill Kristol said as much on Faux News Sunday. At what point does it become a question of character for Republicans to stand up for the rule of law rather than continue to stand behind the President who is breaking it? At the point that they have to do so. Which is exactly the question that Russ Feingold has raised in his censure resolution. If you haven’t seen the show, Crooks and Liars (bless them) have the clip.

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Christy Hardin Smith

Christy Hardin Smith

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