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Unhinged homobigot Lou Sheldon's off to Atlanta

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Blender Lee H emailed me this bit of news and said “I’ve never been in a protest in my entire life, but I may have to park myself outside this office park with a “God = Love, Sheldon = hate” sort of sign next weekend.”

The Atlanta area will be polluted with the presence of hate-monger Rev. Lou Sheldon of the Traditional Values Coalition, who will be appearing at Kingdom Builders Christian Center in Norcross, at the invitation of Apostle Jamie T. Pleasant and his flock. From the KBCC calendar:

Kingdom Builders welcomes Rev. Lou Sheldon of the Traditional Values Coalition. Rev. Sheldon will speak on Biblical and Family Values Forum: Protecting the Biblical Institution of Marriage and Family Values on Saturday, March 25 from 10 a.m. – 12 p.m. and Sunday, March 26 at the 9 a.m. service.

Apostle Jamie T. Pleasant, Ph.D. Senior Pastor, Kingdom Builders Christian Center. Blender Lee took the picture of the sign in an office park announcing Lou’s event next weekend .

Rev. Lou, remember, is part of the spiritual leadership of the Republican Base, who also has Congress, Ken Mehlman and Karl Rove on his speed-dial. From an LA Times article on a February 2005 meeting Sheldon organized with the GOP to court black churches:

[“Black Contract With America” honcho Bishop Harry] Jackson’s enthusiasm for working with Washington’s Republican power structure is shared by the party’s leading strategists. Today’s Los Angeles meeting is sponsored in part by the Traditional Values Coalition, headed by the Rev. Louis P. Sheldon, a white evangelical Christian with close ties to White House political strategist Karl Rove, Republican National Committee Chairman Ken Mehlman and other senior Bush administration officials.

Mehlman said Monday that he was in close contact with the organizers of each group and was coordinating with Gingrich and other party leaders.

Sheldon is an advocate of “ex-gay” therapy, spouts junk discredited science, and it’s no surprise that he ties gays to pedophilia whenever possible. Lou also teamed up with equally homo-infatuated Tim Wildmon, of the American Family Association on a radio show where Lou advocated exorcism as “reparative therapy.” What on earth can you make of this deliciously insane statement, from the broadcast:

I’ve talked to many psychotherapists who are Christian, and they say once you enter into that lifestyle — Now, you may have gender identity conflict — that’s the medical-scientific name for homosexuality — where you’re attracted to the same-sex person, but once you enter into the culture, into the music, into the gay bars, into the gay literature, into the gay theater, and all of that kind of — and gay travel — once you immerse yourself into that, you have really put yourself into a groove that only a sort of an exorcism can release you from. pulled a few gems from Rev. Lou’s archive:

Gays are like Hitler and Gestapo
“The Rev. Lou Sheldon, president of the Traditional Values Coalition, said the ‘hate crime’ designation is increasingly going to be applied against those who believe homosexuality is wrong. ‘What Hitler began to build against the Jews is now being built against people of faith who believe the Scriptures are valid for today and their injunctions against certain sexual behaviors is correct,’ he said. Several years ago, homosexual activists disrupted a similar conference of his in Sacramento, he said, ‘but I didn’t have the finances to get a lawyer. For a long time we were the target of their wrath. Now other people are surfacing against them, thank God. If you don’t agree with [homosexual activists], they use Gestapo tactics to stop you.’ – Washington Times, Tuesday, October 27, 1998, Page A2

“Reverend Louis Sheldon of the Traditional Values Coalition has come out in favor of quarantining AIDS patients in what he calls ‘cities of refuge.’ ” – Mark E. Pietrzyk, News-Telegraph,  March 10, 1995.

And here’s a refresher on some of Lou’s scare tactics on his site, look at the green-tinted pedophile in the banner…:

Homosexual activists deny that they target children for seduction into the homosexual lifestyle, but the evidence is overwhelming that this is a lie.

There is an ever-increasing effort among homosexual organizations to target public school children, to abolish age of consent laws, and to publish “studies” that purportedly show that adult/child sex is not harmful.

This is Lou’s depiction of your average homo behavior.

The following reports provide clear and convincing proof that homosexual pedophiles (called pederasts) want children. Homosexuals should not be given special federal protections under “hate crime” laws; they should not be free to promote homosexuality in public schools; nor should they be allowed to marry or adopt children. Many homosexuals are sexual predators who prey on children.

* Exposed: Homosexual Child Molesters
* Exposed: Homosexual Urban Legend: NAMBLA And Homosexual Activism
* Homosexuality and Child Sexual Abuse
* Child Molestation And The Homosexual Movement
* Homosexuals Recruit Public School Children
* Pedophiles/Sex Torturers Seek Normalization
* Exposed: The Next Phase Of The Homosexual Movement…

It goes on, each article worse than the one before it. You have to be worried about this father of four children and the grandfather of nine, and for those who support him.

Mike Tidmus gave Lou the ace P’Shop treatment last year…

Maybe some of the Mighty Men Of Valor and Women Of Purpose serving Kingdom Builders might want to share how they feel about Lou’s efforts in this arena and his appearance at their house of worship.


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