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Protect Marriage Illinois launches amendment petition drive Tuesday

Peter LaBarbera and his homo-obsession continues, pushing for a Marriage Protection Referendum in Illinois through his Protect Marriage Illinois organization.

On Tuesday — primary day in the state, he’s putting the call out for volunteers to collect 100K signatures of known registered voters. Read the tired-ass rhetoric in the plea (if you go to the site, there are also multiple requests for the open wallet, of course).

…We must act now to permanently protect marriage in Illinois! Since the forced legalization of same-sex “marriage” in Massachusetts in 2004, fifteen states have adopted constitutional amendments preserving traditional marriage through ballot initiatives, averaging a winning percentage of over 70 percent. That brings the total to 19 states that have added marriage amendments to their state constitutions. Another 11 states are currently pursuing similar measures.

Illinois does not want to become another Massachusetts. We simply cannot afford to sit on the sidelines while other states move quickly to defend marriage.

Illinois citizens who want to permanently protect marriage have until April 20, 2006 to gather 283,111 valid signatures in order to put an Advisory Referendum on the ballot calling on political leaders in Springfield to pass a state constitutional amendment protecting marriage as one man and one woman.

If we do not push for an Amendment to the Illinois State Constitution, liberal activist judges will redefine marriage forever. If we allow that to happen, what would prevent further redefinition of marriage to include polygamy, group marriages, etc.? If marriage is redefined it loses all meaning.

Take a look at the endorsements in favor of the amendment. The usual suspects are on there, like Peter LaBarbera’s hub, the Illinois Family Institute, Concerned Women of America, Eagle Forum, etc. Sorry to say yet again, a number of black organizations and pastors are right there in the bigot fold.

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