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Another Dem spine confirmed

Senator Russ Feingold plans to speak at the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force Leadership Awards. (Out for Democracy):

Likely 2008 Presidential Candidate Senator Russ Feingold will be speaking at the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force Leadership Awards on May 6th. Feingold has been a consistent voice in Congress for LGBT equality, and for the civil rights and civil liberties of all Americans. Feingold was the only Senator to vote against the Patriot Act in 2001.

Feingold is also the most likely of the potential 2008 candidates to come out in full support of marriage equality for same-sex couples, but his recent appearance at the Stonewall Democrats Capitol Champions Fundraiser and his participation in this event show that he is definitely reaching out to our community for support.

Let’s hope Russ finds the language and framing of fairness to teach some of his fellow party weasels that they don’t have to hide and cower from a public discussion of civil equality. We’ll be paying attention.


Meanwhile, Shakes Sis has a few questions for the spineless Dems and Feingold’s move to censure Bush.

Is it too much to ask, at this point, not why Feingold has introduced a censure resolution without getting permission from his party, but instead why his party didn’t introduce it a long time ago? Is it too much to ask, rather than castigating Feingold for making a bold move without his party’s support, that instead we look at his party and demand to know why their support wasn’t assured?

If saying, “I’m bloody grateful that someone is trying to do something” makes me unsophisticated, shows my simple mind for what it is, that’s fine with me. Call me crude; call me a dullard; call me a radical; call me anything you like. I don’t really give a flying shit. Because if after spending my days immersed in news and politics, my vacant, irrational mind can’t wrap itself around the intricate processes of politics that makes doing nothing the smart thing, and my woefully inadequate powers of perception can’t help me translate what appears to be slack-jawed passivity into the brilliant political strategy it actually is, then the Dems have a real problem on their hands.

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