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sHillary's campaign coffers: $20 mil

Do not enable this faux-Dem’s ambitions. (News Telegraph):

She has yet to declare that she will run, but in the race for the White House in 2008, Hillary Clinton is already gazing down at her nearest challengers from the peak of a mountain of money.

The former First Lady and senator for New York has so far raised more than any other potential Democratic presidential candidate, with a war chest stuffed with almost $20 million (Â?11.4 million).

Her fund-raising skills seem certain to guarantee that Mrs Clinton will have at least $100 million in the bank by the end of next year.

That figure is crucial, with the head of the Federal Election Commission, Michael Toner, saying that the sum was the minimum “entry fee” for any serious election campaign. Officially, Mrs Clinton has her eyes on just one election, the defence of her senate seat in New York State this autumn. But few doubt she will attempt to become the second Clinton to capture the White House when President Bush steps down in two years’ time.

Her pandering to the Right is matched only by her ambition to crush the ability of 2008 nom opponents early on.

Mrs Clinton is copying the tactics used by President Bush to secure the Republican nomination in 2001. As governor of Texas, Mr Bush effectively wiped out the opposition by amassing a war chest of $70 million before serious campaigning begun. Like Mr Bush, Mrs Clinton’s team is being put together well in advance of any other Democrats, cutting off both their cash flow and supply of leading party figures.

I am still looking for someone to explain to me how they think sHillary represents the party’s best hope for 2008. There’s no candidate the Rovian thugs want to run against more than sHillary, and you’re going to see the Rethugs and the MSM prop her up, as the Chimperor did recently, calling her “formidable”, over and over.

I think one should view the following “endorsement” of her potential as yet another example of this kind of head fake. This time it’s from self-serving political hack and TV windbag Dick Morris.

Mr Morris said that the Republican front-runners, John McCain and Rudy Giuliani, could not capture the party’s nomination because of Right-wing opposition to their liberal stances on abortion, gay rights and gun control.

He called on the party to turn instead to the secretary of state, Condoleezza Rice, saying: “Her ability to handle herself on the international stage is increasingly obvious, and her more authentic claim to the title of self-made woman than the phony Bill-dependent resum?Š of Mrs Clinton, are making her more attractive nationally.” Unless the Republicans went for Rice, he warned: “Hillary will be the next president.”

What is he smoking? Oh yes, he’s still trying to sell his book…

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