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GOP primary race of the titans: clown vs. 'white racialist'

The 3rd Congressional district in Illinois has a couple of interesting candidates vying for the Rethug nomination….

The two candidates are Art Jones, an insurance broker with past ties white supremacist organizations and Ray Wardingley, who used to perform as Spanky the Clown.

…Jones also denies that he is a neo-Nazi. Jones admitted that he appeared in a Nazi get up, complete with a swastika, at a rally against integration on the southwest side of Chicago in 1979. A photograph of Jones, in the Nazi garb, appears in the book “Old Nazis, the New Right and the Republican Party,” but Jones says that is ancient history.

OK. Let’s give Jones the benefit of the doubt. Here’s what he is saying in 2006 — you decide.

“I say they’re talking about ancient history. [The year] 1979 was the last time I had anything to do with any white supremacist organization. I consider myself a white racialist, and I define it this way. A white racialist is someone who believes in the greatness of his people’s past and the destiny of his people’s future.”
— Art Jones, splitting hairs on his “background.” His campaign brochure, however, lists his past membership in the National Socialist White Peoples Party

“Do you want a Third World slum made out of the United States? Do you want the American land built by the sweat and blood of our European ancestors desecrated? “

“If America is to survive and prosper, Bush and Cheney must go and take with them their corrupt Neo-Conservative Kosher-approved cohorts.”
— statements on the Jones campaign web site.

It goes without saying that Jones doesn’t like the homos. On his site he says “so-called ‘Gay Marriage,’ is a moral outrage that should be banned.”

And poor Wardingley. He’s upset that his clown persona is still following him around. Hey — it beats having a photo of you floating about in neo-Nazi gear.

“I am a regular guy,” said Wardingley who worked as taxi and limousine driver in a long and varied career that included acting in commercials. He developed his Spanky the Clown act and used it to raise money for St. Jude Hospital and in some of his past political campaigns, but now is tired of being called a clown.

“That was long time ago,” said Wardingley who says he hasn’t used the clown outfit since about 1995. “After a while you say enough is enough. I just put away that little red wig.”

Wardingley actually skewers Jones at length on his site, if you want a fun read.

Boy, the GOP is in a sad state up there if this tepid statement is all you can say to voters:

“We do not have any endorsed candidate in the 3rd Congressional District,” wrote [Riverside Republican chair Judy] Baar Topinka in an e-mail. “No one, including Wardingley made any approach to the Riverside GOP for an endorsement. He, nor any other candidate, appeared at our candidates night. And so, we have no endorsed candidate.”

You might recall that Baar Topinka is running for governor; she has been the target of a campaign tying her to The Homo Agendatm by our friend Peter LaBarbera, which we covered on the Blend.

Hat tip, Spindentist at All Spin Zone

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