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Falwell's legal bootlicker: Equality Riders are 'militant gay activists'

Since these winger schools are looking really petty and unconfident of the ability of their students to think for themselves, it’s time to make the passive, peaceful Soulforce Equality Riders look like radical, angry activists.

It’s the only card that losers like Falwell’s drone have left to play as the schools arrest the riders for merely wanting to speak to students about LGBT rights and faith, and block the students from speaking to the Soulforce folks as well.

Mat Staver, president of the Florida-based group Liberty Counsel, says Christian schools like Liberty University are willing to share the gospel message of Christ with homosexuals who are not acting confrontationally. However, he contends, Christian schools have no obligation to welcome militant homosexuals on campus.

“When people like Mel White and his group Soulforce decide to make a very political, highly publicized event — and not simply to come on campus but to make a political statement as they are doing with this so-called tour across the country — I believe it’s the right of private universities and colleges to exclude their entry into the university or college area,” Staver says.

Last year, the Liberty Counsel spokesman notes, students at Liberty University greeted peaceful Soulforce members amiably with cookies. But now that the group has initiated its “Equality Ride” to protest Christian schools’ enrollment policies barring homosexuals, he says the militant gay activists should not be allowed to disrupt these campuses or turn them into a platform to promote their radical agenda.

This year, Soulforce appears to be “trying to hijack the civil rights movement by suggesting that they are somehow aligned with civil rights by taking this nationwide tour and then making a very political, very confrontational attack on Christian schools and universities,” Staver asserts.

Well. I’ll agree with Mat that it certainly looks like someone’s interested in a confrontational attack, and it isn’t the Soulforce Riders.

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