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More f*cking whiny AmTaliban babies

Family Research Council Prez Tony Perkins whines that the vile Repug Congress already in his pocket just isn’t doing enough for the Christofascist movement.

Now the wingers are issuing vague threats, saying that pols must keep their campaign promises to what they call their “core values voters” if they want turnout in the midterm elections. There was a press conference today to bleat away, and to announce plans for a “values summit” to put Congress in its place. (The Christian Post):

“Our polling shows that many values voters are disappointed that the issues that brought them to the voting booth remain unaddressed by Congress,” said Tony Perkins, head of the Washington, D.C.-based Family Research Council. “They are ready for action.”

…At a press briefing in Washington Thursday, prominent evangelical leaders told republican politicians that they “must do more” to address values-voters concerns or risk losing their greatest constituency.

According to a National Omnibus Riehle-Tarrance Poll released at the briefing yesterday, about 63 percent of evangelical respondents said they felt “Congress has not kept their promises to act on a pro-family agenda.” Furthermore, 75 percent of evangelical respondents said they will likely vote for a candidate who pushes for values issues relating to marriage, abortion and gambling. The poll of 1,000 adults was taken last weekend, and about 41 percent of respondents were self-described evangelical Christians.

Thursday’s press conference was the first of a series of events that will lead up to a “values voter summit” in Washington this September. Top conservative Christian groups, such as Focus on the Family, the Family Research Council, and the American Family Association, are sponsoring the summit and are planning to rally thousands of their grass-roots supporters to action.

More whining, from Mark Creech of the Christian Action League; his flock is about to blow its stack, as are the followers of Tony Perkins, Tom Minnery and Don Wildmon. All of these clowns will be attending this fall summit to put pressure on the GOP.

Mark Creech with the Christian Action League of NC is frustrated that values voters are not seeing their issues being addressed by Congress. One absence has them particularly irked.

“I can’t think of another issue more important, or that Congress would be more able to pass, perhaps, then a Federal Marriage Amendment. They need to get cracking.”

He says voters are losing patience, that’s why the Washington briefing is imperative. “Such a meeting would raise awareness of these issues to, once again, put them on the front burner and it would be something that would tell Congress, “Look we want you to get working on this.” These are issues that are so very important to the nation right now.”

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