Clifford May: Sun-Tzu for the paste-eating set

Keep in mind that Cliff May is “president of the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, a policy institute focusing on terrorism”. Here’s his ten cents:

It’s easy to conclude we’d have been better off had we responded to Saddam Hussein’s threats and defiance with continued inaction. But Iraq proves nothing. The battle isn’t over. We may yet prevail. Or we may be defeated — as we were in Somalia and Vietnam and other conflicts whose outcomes strengthened our enemies’ conviction that America lacks the will to resist.

Somehow this obvious run-up to attacking Iran reminds me of a certain knight suggesting building a “a giant wooded badger”.

…and this time it will really really work.

And if that’s not enough (tell us more!) Cliff is offering an all-expenses paid trip to the David Horowitz Dream Camp:

This item is for college professors who read NRO–both of you.

No seriously, if you teach at the college level and it would be useful to you to know more about terrorism and counter terrorism, the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies is accepting applications for its Academic Fellows anti-terrorism training program.

This program provides university professors with a detailed understanding of the terror threat that faces the United States and other democratic societies, the ideologies and movements that drive and justify terrorism.

The program includes a 10-day course taught in Israel, in conjunction with Tel Aviv University. It runs May 27-June 7 (travel inclusive). Participants interact with academics, diplomats, military and intelligence officials, and politicians from Israel, Jordan, India, Turkey and the United States. They also visit military bases, border zones and other security installations to learn the practical side of deterring terrorist attacks. All expenses are paid by FDD.

FDD runs a similar program for undergraduate students that gives them access to cutting edge information on terrorism and prepares them for national security careers.

Participants who complete the course will be given a Certificate of Achievement (suitable for framing), a Rachel Corrie action figure, and a Tonka Bulldozer of Freedom.

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