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Red state women speak out on state-sanctioned womb control

Melissa McEwan has another great piece up on Raw Story today, covering the impact on of the efforts to restrict access to abortion on them and their families. South Dakota and ten other states are weighing legislation that would to ban abortion or severely limit access.

While some feel secure in the notion that Roe will be upheld, others worry that abortion rights will be slowly chipped away by state restrictions until Roe is rendered effectively impotent.

At least one feminist blogger has already made available information on performing abortions in anticipation of the procedure being criminalized.

Women in Indiana, Florida, South Dakota and Alabama are interviewed for the article.

Kathy finds herself concerned on behalf of her three daughters, “who have to live in Bush’s America.”

“I see the impetus for most of these laws as either political payback to religious conservatives or deep-seated contempt for women—or both,” Kathy said. “Banning abortion certainly won’t stop it, but girls and women will start dying again. The inherent lack of concern and lack of respect for women does not bode well for the future of my three daughters.”

Kathy’s frustration with the current attack on abortion rights is coupled with what she sees as a selective interest in protecting life.

“I also have big problems with the hypocrisy of those who oppose abortion under any circumstances but also oppose comprehensive sex education, use of contraceptives, and provision of funding to ensure that all pregnant women have access to good prenatal care and that all children have food, clothing, shelter, education, and health care. They seem more interested in punishing women for having sex than they are in ‘saving the unborn.’

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding