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Having your dad's baby is precious

South Dakota and Mississippi’s legislators aren’t really pro-life, according to the womb control experts of the American Family Association. Forced childbirth, for these folks, is the only option for women who become pregnant as a result of being, oh, say gang-raped, or because of repeated sexual assaults by her father or male relative.

Hell, the woman’s life doesn’t even matter when it comes down to it — save the fetus.

.A Christian attorney says any law that purports to ban abortion, yet allows exceptions, is not a truly pro-life bill. On the heels of South Dakota’s bill to ban almost all abortions, Mississippi has become the latest to propose a ban on the killing of unborn children. However, like the South Dakota measure, Mississippi’s ban — written by State Representative Steve Holland — contains a provision that allows for children conceived through rape or incest to aborted.

Steve Crampton, chief counsel for the American Family Association’s Center for Law & Policy in Tupelo, says to be truly pro-life, one must believe that children produced through rape or incest are just as precious as any other child.

“I find it very difficult to rationalize — if you believe that this is genuinely a human child, an unborn child — how you can allow it to be killed simply because of actions of its father,” says the attorney. “It makes no sense down the line, and I think our opponents actually take full advantage of those kinds of inconsistencies in decimating our movement. So, no, I don’t think it’s pro-life to recognize those exceptions.” Mississippi’s measure also allows exceptions for “cases of medical emergencies, when the mother’s life is endangered.” Many pro-life advocates says it is never necessary to kill an unborn child to save a mother’s life.

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