Pre-Friday Random Ten

They come from Bridgeport, Westport, Darien
Down to the Hayden Planetarium
We’re gonna space out to our favorite tunes
We’re going straight to the dark side of the moon
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Earlier than usual since I’m on the road…

The Grudge – Tool
You’re A Sweetheart – Terrence Blanchard
A Voice Of Our Own – International Noise Conspiracy
Tempus Fugit – Mile Davis
So Much Beauty In Dirt – Modest Mouse
Let’s Pretend It’s Summer – The Brian Jonestown Massacre
I Would Die 4 U – Prince
Ana Ng – They Might Be Giants
Nookie – Limp Bizkit (oh, shut up)
Not If You Were The Last Junkie On Earth – The Dandy Warhols

and the bonus:

Ohio – CSN&Y (live – Four Way Street)

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