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Washington state wingnut pharmacists have their bibles ready

I just don’t understand. Why enter a profession that places you in such a dilemma about your personal faith that you don’t have to do your job. You are being PAID to dispense legal prescriptions, not pray over whether your soul might end up on the Hell Express.

The answer is not to restrict the rights of others, the solution is for you to quit your damn job. (Seattle Times):

At the heart of the debate is a proposal put forward by the pharmacy association, a private trade group, that would allow pharmacists to act as “conscientious objectors” when faced with filling prescriptions that go against their moral or religious principles and require them to provide patients with other “options.”

The Pharmacy Board plans to hold public hearings around the state in coming months. The seven-member panel, composed of five pharmacists and two from the public, is appointed by the governor. If approved, the proposal would become a state statute.

But the Pharmacy Association said its proposal is also meant to anticipate other issues. For example, some pharmacists worry that if assisted suicide is legalized, they could be forced to dispense drugs used to end someone’s life.

What a freaking straw man. First it was womb control, now it’s Governor Christine Gregoire sent the board a steaming letter, saying:

“When an individual goes in, they ought to be allowed to have their prescription filled and a pharmacist should not deny them on personal grounds…So if they can’t do it, an alternative pharmacist needs to be able to do it at that particular location.”

The article also mentions that 17 other states are considering “pharmacist refusal” or “conscience clauses” measures, but pharmacy boards in Wyoming, Nevada, North Carolina and Massachusetts have said that pharmacists cannot refuse to dispense on those grounds.

Hat tip, Paul.
[He said: “Who made the damn drug store employees the judge of what I can or cannot do with my body?]”

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