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Pennsylvania House committee to vote on marriage amendment bill today

“Right before I came here I got an e-mail from someone urging me to protect marriage. And the thought I had was, “From what?’ In Massachusetts now for something approaching two years gay people have been allowed to get married. And what has happened? Are heterosexual couples not getting married as often, more often, getting married too quickly, too soon, too many kids, not enough kids? Too tall? What exactly is happening that I need to be protecting my constituents from?”

Rep. Daylin Leach of Montgomery County, on HB 2381, the proposed state amendment to ban gay marriage

About 300 citizens showed up at Pennsylvania’s Capitol yesterday, protesting a proposed constitutional amendment that would ban gay marriage. It has to pass the House State Government Committee today, be affirmed in two consecutive legislative sessions and then make its way to the ballot box. (Philly Inquirer):

“Constitutions are meant to protect citizens, especially the rights of minorities,” said State Rep. Dan B. Frankel (D., Allegheny). “The General Assembly needs to do things that would actually strengthen families… . This amendment would be a giant step in the wrong direction.”

The measure’s sponsor, State Rep. Scott W. Boyd (R., Lancaster), has said a constitutional amendment is needed to protect traditional marriage from “activist judges and special interests who want to permanently redefine it.”

Opponents of the Pennsylvania bill (HB 2381) say it would go beyond a 10-year-old state law banning gay marriage and prohibit civil unions and domestic-partner benefits for public employees. It also would likely interfere with publicly funded universities’ ability to offer those benefits, they said. Advocates for women and the elderly also spoke at the rally, which drew about 300 people, saying the bill would discriminate against unmarried heterosexual partners and those in common-law marriages.

Gary at American Agenda‘s call to action cannot be more clear.

It is NOT about anyone’s religious beliefs. It is NOT about a so-called “threat to marriage.” It is NOT about intellectual discourse.

It is about love. It is about the “pursuit of happiness.” It is about the ideal of America. It is about civil rights. It is about me!

I am no threat. My private life has nothing to do with your church, your home, your family or anything that comes in between! I am no threat to you!

Does protecting my property cause you any threat? Does protecting my civil rights cause you some kind of pain? Will your marriage fall apart if I am allowed the same right? The answer to all is NO! Yet I still have to fight this repugnant fight!

…Marriage is not threatened by gays. America is threatened by those who hate gays so much that they are willing to dismantle our proud history of tolerance and equal rights for all based on something they don’t understand.

And when I make that claim I am addressing the concepts of America, Marriage, and Christianity, Love, God, and Equality as the issues they don’t understand; intellectually or otherwise!

The web site for the Pennsylvania House is here.

All Spin Zone‘s spindentist has the contact list of the PA reps who are being targeted by the American Family Association; the Wildmon gang is worried this amendment could die in committee.

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