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We have a winner Posted by Picasa

By a pretty good margin Motherless Brooklyn was the readers choice for that long train ride to the SBZ, although I must say that I never knew I had so many readers who loved the Dick so passionately. I mean, I was this close to renaming the blog, TBogg – Home of the Dick Lovers. Catchy, eh?

Anyway, I’m taking them both (Dick and John) because I’ll probably have time to get through both of them in Santa Barbara between the time on the train and those rare moments when the glorious and eventually supine mrs tbogg and I aren’t humping our brains out enjoying the many enjoyable activities that Santa Barbara has to offer. Thank you for your comments and advice. And if the book you chose didn’t make the cut, please remember the speech I used to give to the Little League team I coached after a tough loss: “Well kids, I guess your best just isn’t good enough. Now get out of my sight, you little losers.”

Then we would have snacks.

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