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Peter's public health hazard

Queen bible beater and moralist extraordinaire Peter LaBarbera is concerned about the HIV+ folks who will be attending or participating in July’s Gay Games in Chicago. To his horror, the feds have given the Games “Designated Event Status.” A waiver has been granted to allow non-U.S. citizens with HIV/AIDS to obtain visas.

Just don’t have unsafe sex when you go to the festivities, Peter. Tickets are on sale now.

According to Peter LaBarbera with the Illinois Family Institute, the Gay Games’ website is already promoting numerous “extracurricular” activities that he says are dangerous.

“On their website, they are already promoting highly dangerous homosexual behavior,” says LaBarbera. The IFI leader is definitely concerned about that. “We really believe this waiver of the HIV ban is going to lead to more people being infected with HIV here in the Chicago area and possibly all across the nation and the world.”

LaBarbera says the Gay Games claim to be a show of amateur athleticism — but asserts that it is really about promoting homosexuality.

“There are two 24-7 bathhouses on the website of the Gay Games,” he says, explaining that a bathhouse is “a place where men with a homosexual problem go for anonymous sexual activity. [He should know — Peter’s gone undercover multiple times to investigate what goes on in bathhouses and leather clubs. ]

…LaBarbera says the dangerous nature of the homosexual lifestyle and inviting thousands of HIV-infected people to Chicago is simply a public health concern. Among those who pressed the federal government to allow HIV-positive people to enter the country for the event was Chicago Mayor Richard M. Daley. LaBarbera says President Bush should be concerned because, obviously, Mayor Daley is not.

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