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Newsom vs. Romney

Vatican opposition to LGBT adoption prompts Newsom to nix Rome trip. San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom rocks.

“If we’re supposed to be encouraging adoption, if we’re supposed to be discouraging abortion which is principled – I absolutely believe that – then we also have to be encouraging placement in loving households.

“Somehow inherently that two people of the same sex can’t be loving parents to me is patently offensive because it belies fact and it belies any sense of sensitivity or capacity of understanding.

Contrast that reaction to Mitt the sh*t Romney’s in Massachusetts (Catholic church should be able to nix adoptions by gays). He wants to pass a religious exemption from the state’s anti-discrimination laws so that the church can revel in its bigotry on the adoption issue.

The Boston Globe, however, ripped Mitt a new one…

Romney said yesterday he would seek to exempt Catholic Charities from the law because its members ”should be able to follow the practices of their religion.” But why, on a matter of public policy, should a religion’s practices trump the state’s? What if a well-meaning group wanted to discriminate against blacks, or against a religious group such as the Catholic Church? Would Romney file a bill to protect that bias?

Romney is governor, not a Catholic bishop. And he is considering a run for president, not pope. He should be defending the law, not proposing loopholes of discrimination.

A first step would be for Romney to ask Catholic bishops to reconsider whether the Church’s own strong position on caring for vulnerable children deserves as much weight as its opposition to homosexuality.

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding