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HS student expelled for same-sex snuggle scene in video project

Andy at Towleroad has the scoop on this latest bit of winger hysteria in Oregon. Onscreen same-sex snuggling — that’s all it took for school administration tools to get the vapors and give Brandon Flyte the boot. From Brandon’s site:

As of last Monday, I’m no longer a student at West Linn High School.

I aired Brokeback High (the video project I was required to make in Ms. Houck’s English 12) to my Marine Biology class on a Friday. The following Monday morning, I was called into a conference with the three vice-principals of West Linn High School. Now before I showed Brokeback High to my English class, I was required by the administration to edit out a scene of the two lead male characters snuggling together shirtless in bed. When I showed my Marine Biology class the film, the snuggle scene –which I might add was very tastefully done– was left in. Apparently the administration thought that this was a big enough violation to warrant an expulsion. Only, it’s not being called an expulsion. It’s basically a ‘mandatory transfer’ to the local community college. I have no choice in it. West Linn High says they’ll pay for me to finish up my last 2 months of high school at Clackamas Community College, and I’ll be able to walk with my high school class at graduation and attend Prom as a guest, “depending on behavior this spring related to West Linn High School.”

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