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sHillary running from her Wal-Mart ties

The WaPo covers sHillary’s dilemma. The Senator from NY has deep ties with the retail giant, having served on Wal-Mart board, having been tapped by Sam Walton himself back in 1986, the first woman to be named.

But it all goes much further than that, and now she knows this shite is hitting the fan, given the reputation of the retailer for a litany of labor law violations, health care dumping on the taxpayer and overall horrid bullying business practices. How is she going to wiggle out from under this load of crap?

Clinton served on Wal-Mart’s board of directors for six years when her husband was governor of Arkansas. And the Rose Law Firm, where she was a partner, handled many of the Arkansas-based company’s legal affairs.

Hillary Clinton had kind words for Wal-Mart as recently as 2004, when she told an audience at the convention of the National Retail Federation that her time on the board “was a great experience in every respect.”

But in recent months, as the company has become a target for Democratic activists, she has largely steered clear of any mention of Wal-Mart. And late last year, Clinton’s re-election campaign returned a $5,000 contribution from Wal-Mart, citing “serious differences with current company practices.”

Oops. But there’s more…

The Clintons also benefited financially from Wal-Mart. Hillary Clinton was paid $18,000 each year she served on the board, plus $1,500 for each meeting she attended. By 1993 she had accumulated at least $100,000 in Wal-Mart stock, according to Bill Clinton’s federal financial disclosure that year. The Clintons also flew for free on Wal-Mart corporate planes 14 times in 1990 and 1991 in preparation for Bill Clinton’s 1992 presidential bid.

Wal-Mart has little to say about Hillary Clinton’s board service, and will not release minutes of the company’s board meetings during her tenure. Lorraine Voles, Clinton’s communications director, turned down a request for an interview with the senator.

…”There’s no evidence she did anything to improve the status of women or make it a very different place in ways Mrs. Clinton’s Democratic base would care about,” said Liza Featherstone, author of “Selling Women Short: The Landmark Battle for Worker’s Rights at Wal-Mart.”

Hey sHill, no wonder it “was a great experience in every respect.”

Hat tip, ‘Bean.

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