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More winger bleating on Gay-Straight alliances

Photo enhancement by Mike Tidmus. See schoolmarm Linda here.

She’s back and still all-homo-threat, all-the-time. This time around, the “pro-family advocate” asshat LInda Harvey is on the warpath over Gay Straight Alliance clubs. She thinks the groups are all about recruiting homos by using tactics such as showing Aimee and Jaguar.

Last week a private high school in Santa Monica, California, held a “Free Queer Movie Night” that was sponsored by its Gay Straight Alliance club. At the event, the GSA screened a sexually explicit film about a lesbian relationship involving a German Jew and a Nazi sympathizer during World War II. According to Linda Harvey of the Ohio-based pro-family group Mission America, such events are standard fare for GSA clubs in both private and public schools.

“Movie nights are real popular — and they are almost always movies about two young people who are homosexual who begin having a homosexual relationship,” Harvey shares. “And they’re almost all rated R or worse.” She adds that the typical homosexual club will network with other homosexual teens in the area, either from other high school clubs or even middle schools.

The pro-family activist contends it is extremely dishonest for GSAs to claim they exist merely to promote tolerance and diversity when, in fact, they are promoting homosexuality immorality to young people. She notes that a brief search of websites like or supports her contention.

You can quickly find out that these clubs are about homosexual sex — about getting kids connected with people who are already involved in sexual activity, about promoting the books, the movies, and all of the contacts that are very sexual in nature,” Harvey says. “That is very disingenuous — and there is a problem here, in that people need to do the research and stand up and say what the truth is.”

This chick is over the top. Some of her other work…

* Homosexual Agenda Escalates in Public Schools: “In the Massachusetts town of Newton, home of homosexual congressman Barney Frank, a high school history teacher taught that Alexander the Great was a “gay” man. Other teachers in Massachusetts are building lessons around the Stonewall Inn riots in Greenwich Village in 1969, an event credited by homosexual activists with kicking off the “gay rights” movement.1 In a third grade music class in a Massachusetts town, the male teacher told the children Tchiakovsky was a homosexual, and that society’s “homophobia” prompted his suicide.”

* The Risk of ‘Gay’ Activism in Our Schools: “The Girl Scouts have allowed lesbians to be leaders in the organization for a number of years. According to one source, about one third of the staff members at the national Girl Scout office are lesbians.8 The Girl Scouts are evidently not unique among youth organizations, however. Policies prohibiting discrimination on the basis of “sexual orientation” have been enacted at the Boys and Girls Clubs of America, the Camp Fire Girls, the National 4-H Council and the YMCA Indian Guides.9

Her source, BTW, on that claim about the lesbian infiltration of the Girl Scouts, is an article at the wingnut site Cybercast News Service.

* What homosexual ‘marriage’ will mean to America’s children: Watch out, if a teacher gets married and a kid finds out, they are going to be damaged for life, because teachers will be able to “wear wedding rings, talk about their homosexual spouses with students and introduce spouses at school functions. Your little Katie will learn in kindergarten that “Mrs.” Jones is married to another “Mrs.” Jones – and that she can grow up and choose to do the same if she wishes….Expect a whole new crop of young adult novels featuring same-sex romance leading to marriage to appear instantly and be adopted just as magically by middle-school and high-school language departments throughout the U.S. Your 13-year-old Kyle will be required to read and give a book report on a novel where Bruce and Jason meet, date and get married. What won’t be covered is how Bruce and Jason split up a year later after cheating on each other dozens of times.”

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