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Why does Michelle Malkin hate her children and not want to spend time with them?

Doug TenNapel, artist, musician, and animator extraordinaire (not to mention staunch conservative), has the parenting tip of the day.

The tip:

From time to time I have to play Candy Land with my kids. What was a magical, complicated game of my youth is a form of insipid torture for an adult. The game can last for an eternity. I mean literally an eternity.

My Beloved attends a MOPS (Mothers Of Pre-Schoolers) group at church and she picked up a great trick from one of the other mothers. Put the Queen Frostine card close to the top of the deck and when a child chooses this card they jump ahead nearly to the end of the board…limiting the parenting hell-on-earth known as Candy Land to a tolerable fifteen minute game.

Republicans: They hate their children and will cheat when playing Candy Land so that they can go back to drinking, cleaning their guns, and watching Fox news.

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