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Commenter Bitsy noted in the original thread on Bush flunkie, Jesse Helms protege and homobigot Claude Allen‘s arrest for “savvy shoplifting” at Target that blogger Michael Petrelis asks the question “Is Claude Allen Gay?”

Apparently there’s a lot of smoke on the possibility that he’s another self-loather on the down low, citing a few sources, as well as this interesting comment left at Keith Boykin’s blog nearly three years ago, on an unrelated post about Allen being “the next Clarence Thomas.”

I happen to have gone to high school with both claude and his brother and upon reading the words he uttered concerning “queers” I find this very odd when in high school he was the “Queen of the Queers” and it is very easy to verify. I’ll bet like most republicans, he is a closet homosexual and his family is just for show. Another Clarence Thomas? Good bet he can be used by the republicans for their plans while getting back at all of his detractors.

Bitsy: “Maybe Claude was the person who kept slipping male prostitute Jeff Gannon into the White House over those two years.” I don’t know Bitsy, the list of possible gatekeepers on Bulldog’s overnight stays in this White House is pretty damn long…

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Pam Spaulding