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Happy birthday, Mom

Actually, my mom’s birthday was yesterday; she would have been 71. she passed away in 1997 of lung cancer.

I held off posting until we had finished our “present” for her, which was a yard project that Kate and I worked on yesterday and completed this AM. Each year, on her birthday and day of her passing (May 4) I like to plant flowers, since Mom enjoyed gardening. Because the weather is unusually nice for this time of year (it’s 76, low humidity and a nice breeze), we went for something she really would have enjoyed.

The wood and wrought iron bench that we bought on sale over a year ago for like $20 was finally put together. we hauled in a bunch of cypress and cedar mulch and pine bark nuggets, pansies and some border stones and made a little sitting oasis.

We had two solar lanterns in the garage to put out as well; those represent our recently departed pets — Red, our Rhodesian Ridgeback and Jade, my mom’s cat — I cared for her after Mom passed away.

The trees don’t have leaves yet, but it will look even more beautiful once the green comes in.

Sitting up on the hill, smelling the cedar and hearing the birds out singing is amazing. Mom would have loved it.

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Pam Spaulding