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Found in the camera

I completely forgot about the picture below, which I took on January 30. It was still on the memory card that I used when I took the pictures of the backyard project earlier today.

I posted that day that the Blend was featured on CNN’s The Situation Room (I updated the post so the picture is there now). We have cable DVR and it seems to capture about the prior 15 minutes of any given channel you have on at the time, so I was able to rewind it and take a picture of the screen. I took it and then completely forgot about it!

Anyway, a blast from the recent past, the 1/30 post:

I just happened to be typing along here with CNN’s “The Situation Room” (the 4PM hour) on in the background and Wolf was talking about “liberal activists on the warpath” blasting Hillary Clinton and the selection of Tim Kaine by the Dems to deliver the SOTU response tomorrow. I happened to look up just in time to see blog reporter Jackie Schechner punching up some of the sites in question, and up pops the Blend, lol.

It was onscreen for maybe 3 seconds, showing one of my Kaine posts, Spineless leadership. She also brought up The Moderate Voice during the review.

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding