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Another gasbag wingnut bible-beating organization

As unbelievable as the name of this fringe organization is, I don’t think I’ve ever posted on it: the The Michigan-based American Decency Association. The bleating out of this operation is no different from the rest, though equally entertaining. This blurb made American Family Association “news” organ, AgapePress. The folks at Decency are losing their faith in Wal-Mart as the beacon of all things moral (!) because it panders to smut lovers, women wanting to put hits on fetuses and you other deviant folks out there watching TV.

Officials with Wal-Mart have announced the company will stock the emergency contraceptive drug known as the “morning-after pill” in all of its pharmacies throughout the U.S. starting March 20.

Bill Johnson, president of the American Decency Association, feels this decision is only the latest in a series of family-unfriendly moves by the world’s largest retailer’s officials. “We have seen them in recent months making decisions like advertising on Desperate Housewives,” he notes. “Now, with this move as well, this is truly significant. Many of us have desired to be able to look a Wal-Mart as a shopping alternative, a place that is family friendly. One person we talked with recently said that they’re lately not family friendly, they’re consumer friendly.” That is why the decency advocate believes pro-family customers need to let the corporate giant know how they feel, as they have in the past. “A couple of years ago, when people would walk into their Wal-Mart, right in the doorway, there would be the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition facing them,” Johnson notes. “We began to urge people to make telephone calls to Wal-Mart, and within a week’s period of time, the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition was at least taken down from the central place and tucked back into the magazine racks, which we considered a very significant victory.”

Massachusetts and Illinois had previously ordered Wal-Mart stores in those states to stock the morning-after pill. Now, effective March 20, all of Wal-Mart’s more than 3,700 pharmacies nationwide will carry the ethically controversial drug also known as “Plan B.”

I had to surf over to the Decency site to see what else boils the blood of the Decent People.

A few highlights

* On Friday, December 15, our office received a call from a woman in the greater Detroit area who much to her alarm had discovered that the Detroit Piston’s feature a Piston’s Dance Team calendar. The woman related that she had contacted the Detroit Piston’s management and that their response to her was not encouraging. ADA staff checked out the calendar online and determined that the woman’ s concern was sadly legitimate and concerning.

* Though the media hypes “Desperate Housewives” as the next best thing since peanut butter, it is one of last falls trashiest shows. Advertisers beware! You will be targeted if you attach your corporate name with this cultural eroding entity. We have been and will continue to target advertisers, and we will let the world know.

* On Victoria’s Secret stores: Victoria’s Secret sells lingerie in an inappropriate and immoral manner and therefore contributes to the sexual objectification of women and the desensitization of moral sensibilities. Victoria’s Secret distributes a magazine which is essentially soft porn. Their so-called “fashion show” has allowed the broadcast of pornographic imagery on public television…Their sexualized advertisements in wall and window displays in malls across America are seen by millions of American children everyday.

* “Priurient Magazines“: We encourage you to check out which magazines your local grocery store is selling and where they are selling them. If you find their practices unacceptable, file a complaint. If that doesn’t get you anywhere, speak with the store manager. Finally, if nothing is done, consider supporting a grocery store which has a different policy. Below is a list of some magazines that we believe shouldn’t be sold in a family marketplace at all. And, if they are being sold, they should never be sold at the check-out counter or in a high visibility area where they can be easily viewed by children.

1. Cosmopolitan
2. Cosmo Girl
3. Glamour
4. Stuff
5. FHM
6. Maxim

There’s also action items against Abercrombie and Fitch and Howard Stern, so the Decency folks are hard at work scrubbing our culture clean for you.

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