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In an effort to avoid answering emails; a few public announcements:

1) Contrary to this post, I am not writing a book. It was a joke. Yes., I have had a few queries about writing a book. No, I am probably not going to write one, because:

A) I don’t have time. I work about fifty hours a week and then there is blogging which seems like another fifty hours a week.
B) I’m not a writer. I lack the perseverance to be one. I can’t even finish Myst. I’m not even through the first season of The Sopranos.
C) I’m not about to do a cut and paste job like someone else I know

I am only writing this because I spoke with my brother last night and he said, “Hey. Congratulations on the book deal.” When I pointed out that it was a joke, he said, “Well, you better call mom then.” Fifty years old and I still have to worry about disappointing my mom. Sigh.

2) I have not moved to Santa Barbara yet and won’t be moving until the lovely and talented Casey graduates high school in 2007 and we ship her butt off to college. In the meantime the delicate and naughty mrs tbogg takes the train down on weekends or one of us goes up there (the other remaining in San Diego to tend the basset herd). When the move comes, and providing I’m still blogging then, I will have plenty to say about it.

3) I don’t know what is wrong with my RSS feed. I added a link a couple of years ago, and now it seems to be having problems and I don’t know why or how to fix it. In fact, I’m not even sure what a RSS feed is. If anyone has any suggestions, leave them in comments. I’m not patient or geeky enough to look into things like Technorati, etc.

4) The Koufax Awards voting ends tomorrow night. Not that I’m asking for your votes, but a lovely Koufax award that my mom could put on her refrigerator would probably soften the “When are you gonna give me a grandchild write a book.” blow.

So do it for Mom.

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