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joeKlein by you.Now that the Dubai Ports World deal is dead, I guess it’s time to admit that Joe Klein was right to be concerned about the massive waves of violence that would be triggered upon its demise. The Islamic world has arisen as one to fulfill the prophesies of people like Klein who suddenly developed such sensitivity to the tender feeling of those they couldn’t be bothered to defend when people like Ann Coulter call them "ragheads." We should’ve listened to them.

Oh wait, sorry, Kobe’s been chewing the remote again and I was watching Monty Python and the Holy Grail. Klein was wrong about this and everything else he’s ever opened his mouth to say about Iraq. Joe just didn’t fathom that people who become enraged at desecrations to the Koran really couldn’t be bothered to take to the streets and kill each other as the result of a slight to a few robber barron sheikhs.

No the violence occurring in the Middle East right now can, in large part, be placed at the feet of addled thinkers like Klein who continue to parade before the cameras pimping for war and pontificating on this shit despite having proven time and time again that they have no fucking clue what they are talking about.

Thanks, CNN.

photo by: HoboElvis

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