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Love it: homophobic Bush court nom busted

Remember my post a few weeks ago about darling of the wingnut moralist set, homobigot Claude Allen (Bush’s top black staffer, a Jesse Helms protege, steps down)? He was leaving his post as “domestic policy adviser” for Dear Leader (he was the highest-ranking black staffer in the admin), citing “personal reasons” and “to spend more time with his family.”

Now we know what the personal reasons are — Republican values that came back to bite him in the ass. Mug shot and drum roll, please (365gay):

Allen has been under investigation since at least January for the alleged thefts on 25 occasions at Target and Hecht’s stores, said police spokesman Lt. Eric Burnett.

Burnett said that Allen would buy items, take them to his car, then return to the store with his receipt. He would select the same items, then take them to the store return desk and show the receipt from the first purchase. Using that method, he would receive credit for the second items on his credit cards, Burnett said.

Allen was allegedly seen Jan. 2 at a Target in Gaithersburg, Md., taking items off the shelf that he then took to the return desk. He had a receipt for the merchandise, was given a refund and left.

The items he allegedly received fraudulent refunds for included clothing, a Bose theater system and stereo equipment. Some purchases were for as little as $2.50.

And about that homobigotry, Claude learned from his master, As Doug Ireland noted, when Allen was appointed to this post:

The appointment of Claude Allen as Bush’s new chief domestic policy advisor is another triumph for the Republican theocrats.

A reactionary black kapo, Allen is one of the darlings of the “family values” ultra-conservative religious right led by James Dobson and his Focus on the Family.

Recruited by Karl Rove as his watchdog on then-HHS secretary Tommy Thompson (who had a much-exaggerated reputation as a “moderate”), Allen–a visceral political homophobe– was a former top aide Sen. Jesse Helms, and in 1984 accused Helms’ Democratic challenger, then-Gov. James Hunt, of having links to “queers,” “radical feminists,” socialists, and unions (Hunt was, in fact, a bible-quoting right-wing Dem).

More on Atrios.

Hat tip, Blender Nancy.

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