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Birmingham residents to protest Alabama Shoot First legislation

I just saw this press release and had to do a double-take. Kathy @ Birmingham Blues, if you are reading this post, please weigh in and explain to me how legislation like this (if it passes) is NOT going to result in some serious chaos in your slice of the country. At least you can say Florida wingnuts got to it ahead of your legislators.

State legislators in Alabama are hoping to pass a bill that will enable the most aggressive and paranoid individuals in the state to use deadly force against a presumed assailant. The bill has already passed the state House and awaits action in the state Senate.

The law, known alternatively as the “shoot first law,” “wild, wild west law,” or “Stand Your Ground” law, made Florida a virtual laughingstock when it became law there last October, generating news coverage around the world suggesting that visitors might face risk. And the only person to use the law as a defense of deadly force so far is a tow truck driver who shot a man trying to retrieve his car.

“Martin Luther King once said ‘nothing in all the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity,'” said Jim Brady, the former press secretary to President Reagan who was shot in the Reagan assassination attempt. “This bill is a dangerous solution to a non-existent problem. No one’s in jail in Alabama for acting in legitimate self-defense. This bill would encourage overly aggressive people to act recklessly, and might well keep people out of jail who deserve to be there.”

A group of concerned Alabamans are planning a rally at 3 p.m. Sunday, March 12 at the Jefferson County Courthouse, 716 Richard Arrington Jr. Boulevard North (old 21ST Street North). They will be wearing bright orange t-shirts with “Innocent Bystander” on the front. The local contact is Ronald Jackson of People United, who can be reached at 205-478-7183 or


While on Alabama news, let’s check in on Roy “The Ten Commandments Judge” Moore (I’m sure he has no problem with the above shoot-first law)…

Moore says nation’s laws recognize the sovereignty of God

“Legally, we not only have a right, we have a sworn duty to acknowledge God. â€? The founders of this country said God gives us rights and secures them for you. That was the principle upon which this country was founded.”
— on the role of his God in the legal system.

Gee, maybe outlandish statements like this is one of the reasons old Roy isn’t doing so well with his fundraising efforts for the Alabama governor’s race locally. He’s taking his bible-beating road show/book tour to Ohio on Tuesday.

The former chief justice of the Supreme Court of Alabama was removed from office in November, 2003, after refusing to obey a federal court order to take a Ten Commandments monument out of the lobby of the state supreme court building.

…Chief Justice Moore said the Ten Commandments are much more than a historical document. “Of course, they are historical. They represent where we come from and the Judeo-Christian values that this country was founded upon. But they also represent where we are going,” he said.

Such values provide the constitutional right of freedom of religion, he said. People of different faiths or of no faith “have the right to believe what we want to believe. That right comes from God and not from government. That’s why we’re pluralistic. You don’t find pluralism in Saudi Arabia,” Chief Justice Moore said.

Moore also runs the non-profit Foundation for Moral Law. Its mission is to “educate the public about the U.S. Constitution and the Godly foundation of the United States of America” and to “defend America and her citizens’ right to acknowledge Almighty God, by participating, directly and indirectly, in litigation involving the acknowledgement of God.”

H/t, Holly.

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