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Aragua%20Henri%20pittier%20tree%20root.jpg Now that the Senate Intelligence Committee has caved like a bad souffle and voted not to investigate the illegal NSA wiretaps it’s time to put some serious pressure on Arlen Specter, Chairman of the Judiciary Committee. We need Pennsylvanians to write letters to the editors of every major Pennsylvania paper and call Specter in his DC offices to demand real oversight of the NSA wiretapping program by the Judiciary Committee.

Local blog PSoTD has a great post up about this effort this morning. Glenn Greenwald and Anonymous Liberal have been doing a superb job covering the major points of this matter so if you need a talking points refresher you can find it at Unclaimed Territory. And Pastor Dan and rkrider have put together a terrific newspaper contact list at which they will be continually updating, so if you’re from Pennsylvania or have a reasonable tie to the state and feel qualified to write a personal appeal please do so. Therisites2 at VichyDems also has Specter’s office contact info.

Local blog PSoTD has a great post

I’ll be home tonight, thanks to everyone for taking such good care of the blog while we’ve been gone. If anyone needs to do their good deed for the day they can certainly chalk one up by giving Arlen Specter something to think about.

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Jane Hamsher

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