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NRSC hits Harold Ford with 'Big Pimpin' web site

Another feather in the cap of my Senator, Elizabeth Dole, who heads up the National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC). Earlier this week, I blogged about the insane, fraudulent, threatening direct mail piece, the Republican National Leadership Survey, that went out under her name to voters. It claimed to “require” a response with payment if you opted not to “participate,” and looked suspiciously like a government tax form.

The latest hoo-hah is the creation of a web site by the ass-clowns of the NRSC (again, we have to assume the Empty Wig is on board with this), designed to take out faux-Dem Rep. Harold Ford of Tennessee.

The Fancy Ford web site is something to behold and cherish. It tells you all that you need to know about where the great minds of the GOP are when it comes to campaigning — it’s still all about playing on race, racial history and the subtle (and not-so-subtle) ways of invoking the uppity Negro in Southern politics.

Don’t get me wrong, this post isn’t a defense of Ford — he voted yes on same-sex marriage ban and flag burning amendments, he was for the odious bankruptcy bill, and wanted to keep “under God” in the pledge of allegiance, among other things.

The issue is how many pols in either party could you assail with charges of lavish living/spending, particularly in the GOP?! This web site is about something else…it is yet another example of the Republicans wanting to play the race card both ways — Mehlman’s RNC courts the black vote with empty platitudes, and the down-and-dirty political machinery of the party uses the old racial saws and imagery to try and nail the win.

There’s nothing like creating visions of the uppity, horny Negro who lusts after white women, living the high life and not knowing his place.

Fancy Ford is no stranger to the celebrity party scene. Ford was seen at the Playboy Super Bowl Party in Florida last year:“Rep. Harold Ford Jr. (D-Tenn.) was spotted at the Playboy Super Bowl party in Jacksonville, Fla., after the New England Patriots’ big win Sunday night. . . . One Web site selling tickets to the event claimed: ‘The Playboy Superbowl Party has become famous for being packed with celebrities and Playmates alike . . . Oh, and it is also packed with Playmates in lingerie and body paint.'” (Mary Ann Akers, “Heard On The Hill,” Roll Call, February 8, 2005)

If only the folks at home could see him now.

This site is cleverly intimating that Ford is living above his station and doesn’t deserve to “move up” to the Senate, where, heaven knows, he may start rapping, flashing a grille and put a ho’ dancing pole in his office, with the Cristal flowing non-stop.

What other message could you gather from this lavishly presented web site, which clearly required a lot of thought, planning and design behind it? Steve at Firedoglake nails it:

It’s about station, class and race. How can this high toned negro live so well and chase white women. The more you click the links, the worse it gets.

The fact is that Ford is doing the exact same things all the other Congressman do. What? Is he supposed to have a senatorial fundraiser at McDonalds?

There is a clear racial subtext here, because of the use of the word Fancy. There’s more than alliteration here. Because there’s a tone that Ford doesn’t deserve this kind of lifestyle, that’s getting above himself. And in the South, that has a racial connotation. Because no one gave a damn about Bill Frist and his hightoned living habits.

And as Steve pointed out, the common definition for “fancy man” is pimp.

Lest you think that race doesn’t matter and I’m just making a mountain out of a molehill, Rasmussen Reports polled voters on Ford’s Senate run this month, and at least 13% of respondents report that friends or family members plan to vote against Ford because he is black. The GOP wants to solidify its base.

And this is the very same GOP that is backing black homobigot, anti-choice, retro-America candidate for the NC-13 Congressional seat, Vernon Robinson and his Twilight Zone/Leave it to Beaver ad campaign. You just can’t make this sh*t up.

The NRSC feedback page.
Senator Dole’s feedback page.

Hat tip, Teddy.

Crooks and Liars links over to‘s post on this.

UPDATE: Someone has already parodied this and it’s brilliant: FancyFrist (h/t Seeing the Forest)

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